Week Eight: The Kid on the Mountain

Continuing with the theme of “tunes with critters in the title” is week eight’s tune, a slip jig called “The Kid on the Mountain.” It’s a five-parter (as opposed to the usual 2-part tunes I’ve been learning), so I only played through it once in the video. Honestly, I had such a bad time making this week’s video that I don’t think I could’ve gotten through the tune twice without a major malfunction. Let’s just say I’m having a “bad flute day” and leave it at that. Here’s the video:

Week Seven: The Hare’s Paw

Week seven’s tune… a day late! Hey, I was out of town, and today’s a holiday, so it still counts as the weekend. ­čÖé

In any case, this week’s tune is a reel called “The Hare’s Paw.” Since I seem to have an unofficial theme going (“Tunes with critters in the title”), I’ll continue it next week with a slip jig called “The Kid on the Mountain.”

Week Six: Gander in the Pratie Hole

Ok, after last week’s poor iPhone video, I’m back to using my real camera. I’m also doing another jig: Gander in the Pratie Hole. Cute tune…weird name. I have no idea what a “pratie hole” is. The best Google could tell is that it’s “something to do with potatoes.” Go figure. Next week I’m gonna switch it up again with a reel called “The Hare’s Paw.”

Week Five: Shandon Bells

Hey gang! This week’s tune is a jig called Shandon Bells. I’ll apologize in advance for the poor sound quality on the video. I experimented with using my phone instead of my real camera. Let’s just say the experiment FAILED. Anyhoo, here it is anyway. What’s that? You want to know why I didn’t rerecord it with my real camera? There’s no time for that! It’s ┬áSuper Bowl day and I got stuff to do. Go Ravens!