2014.21: The Boys of Balisodare

Yep, I’m still here. I’m falling even more behind, but I’m still here! I’ll catch up eventually. Probably. So, tune #21 is a slip jig called The Boys of Balisodare.

Coming up next… I have no idea. Maybe The Black Rogue, maybe Toss the Feathers. I dunno, I keep rearranging my list.

2014.09 – A Fig for a Kiss

And, we’re back on schedule! Yay! This week’s tune is a slip jig called A Fig for a Kiss. It still needs some work, but I have the basics down, at least. I really like playing slip jigs, but unfortunately, only know about 5 of ’em including this one (Barney Brallagan’s, The Fisherman’s a/k/a Redican’s Mother, The Butterfly, and Kid on the Mountain are the other four, if you’re wondering). So if anyone has any suggestions for slip jigs I should learn, lemme have ’em!

Next week’s tune: back to reels with The Monaghan Twig.

Week Eight: The Kid on the Mountain

Continuing with the theme of “tunes with critters in the title” is week eight’s tune, a slip jig called “The Kid on the Mountain.” It’s a five-parter (as opposed to the usual 2-part tunes I’ve been learning), so I only played through it once in the video. Honestly, I had such a bad time making this week’s video that I don’t think I could’ve gotten through the tune twice without a major malfunction. Let’s just say I’m having a “bad flute day” and leave it at that. Here’s the video: