Catching Up…Week Eighteen: Tomin O’Dea’s

Here’s the second tune I learned from Sean Gavin at the Baltimore Irish Trad Festival this past April: Tomin O’Dea’s Reel.

Catching Up…Week Seventeen: Paddy Clancy’s

Way back in April, exactly 3 months ago today, I had the pleasure of once again attending the Baltimore Irish Trad Festival. I took a flute workshop taught by Sean Gavin, who taught us this jig and the reel I’ll be posting next. Anyway, he called this jig “Biddie McGee’s”, tho’ it seems most folks (and all the sources I’ve seen online) call it Paddy Clancy’s.

And here it is:

Catching Up…Week Sixteen: Jessica’s Polka

Continuing to catch up on my videos with Jessica’s Polka, a tune that would be super simple if only I had a G# key. Sometimes a keyless flute can be a real pain. *shakes fist* Damn you, G#!

Here’s the video!

Catching Up…Week Fifteen: Sailor’s Bonnet

Hello all.

Sorry for the extended hiatus. This hasn’t exactly been the greatest year ever. In any event, I’ve been learning tunes as planned, if not making/posting my weekly videos. I’m going to play catch up over the next month (or so), so be prepared for multi-posts! Woo!

Here’s week fifteen’s tune, the final tune of the Tarbolton Set, Sailor’s Bonnet.