2014.07: The Cameronian Highlander

Sorry week 7 is a few days late. Work’s been taking over my life, so I haven’t had the time or energy to make the video until today. I did learn the tune, tho’! This is the second tune of the set that starts with last week’s tune.

Next week’s tune is a reel, Sligo Maid (aka Psycho Maid at our Monday night session).

2014.06: Her Long Golden Hair

This week’s tune starts a set that you can find on the Mulcahy Family’s album “Notes From the Heart” (which I highly recommend, btw). The first tune in the set, “Her Long Golden Hair” has several other names, most of which deal with some unknown chick’s hair, which may be gold or black and occasionally flows down her back. Check this listing on thesession.org for a list of the alternate names, and you’ll see that I’m not kidding.

But, moving along, here’s my video for this week’s tune, which is a fling and not a hornpipe as previously stated, although the session sez it is. Whatever. I guess you can play it as a hornpipe if that’s what floats yer boat.

Next week: the second tune in the set, “The Cameronian Highlander”.