2014.21: The Boys of Balisodare

Yep, I’m still here. I’m falling even moreĀ behind, but I’m still here! I’ll catch up eventually. Probably. So, tune #21 is a slip jig called The Boys of Balisodare.

Coming up next… I have no idea. Maybe The Black Rogue, maybe Toss the Feathers. I dunno, I keep rearranging my list.

2014.20: The Pipe On The Hob

And now, another tune! Two in one week? You betcha! I’m trying (desperately) to get caught up before my tune backlog becomes insurmountable. Soooo, here’s Pipe on the Hob for ya. Enjoy!

I’m not sure what my next tune will be. The Ivy Leaf’s next on my list, but I’m just not feelin’ it. I may have to rearrange my list. So, I guess next week’s tune will be a surprise! Yay!

2014.19: Ambrose Moloney’s

Ok, folks, I’m trying really hard to not fall too far behind on this project! Honest! I’m having a generally crummy year, but I’m trying to work through it and keep on track with my tunes (with varying results, haha). Anyhoo, here’s the third tune I learned at the Baltimore Irish Trad Fest last month. It’s a reel called Ambrose Moloney’s.

Coming up, Week 20: The Pipe On The Hob (jig). I’ll probably post that one later today. I’m trying to catch up, you see. šŸ™‚

2014.18: The Hag at the Churn

I’m baaaack! Don’t worry – I won’t let myself fall too far behind this year! Here’s week 18’s video for the jig The Hag at the Churn. This is tune 2 of 3 that I learned at the Baltimore Irish Trad Fest a couple of weeks ago.

Coming up, the final of the three tunes I learned, a reel: Ambrose Maloney’s.

2014.17: The Honeysuckle

Ok, so once again, I’m breaking from my planned tune schedule. I’ll do Pipe On The Hob in a few weeks. For this week, and the next two weeks, I’ll be playing the three tunes I learned (sorta) at this year’s Baltimore Irish Trad Fest. I did the flute workshop with Brian Holleran, who gave us some tips on embouchure, tone, and breathing (which is what I have work on the most, really). This week’s tune is a hornpipe called The Honeysuckle. My tone’s sounding better, but I still gotta work on my breathing. Here it is:

Next week: Hag at the Churn (jig).

2014.16: Nell Fee’s Polka

This week I picked a pretty easy tune called Nell Fee’s Polka. I’m really glad I had an easy one this time, ’cause I’ve been suffering from some sort of sinus nastiness the past few days. But the show must go on, so here’s the video!

Next week, a jig: Pipe On The Hob.

2014.15: The Daisy Fields

So, last week I said this week’s tune would be the hornpipe Stack of Barley. I changed my mind! This week’s tune is actually a reel called The Daisy Fields. So… here it is!

Next week, a three-part polka called Nell Fee’s.

2014.14: The Rakes of Clonmel

Welcome to week 14! This week’s tune is a jig called The Rakes of Clonmel.

Next week, I’ll take a break from jigs and learn a hornpipe called The Stack of Barley.

2014.13: The Rolling Waves

This week’s tune is the short but sweet jig The Rolling Waves. I needed an easy one this time. Here it is:

Next week, another jig, The Rakes of Clonmel. Because jigs are fun, that’s why.

2014.12: The Trip to Durrow

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week. The tune of the week is a reel called The Trip to Durrow. Here it is:

Next week, another jig: The Rolling Waves.