2014.11 – Doctor O’Neill

Time for another edition of “let’s watch Leslie embarrass herself on the internets.” It’s no secret that the only thing I hate about this project is making the videos. So far this year, it’s gone pretty smoothly. I usually don’t need to do more than 2-3 takes, 5 at the most. This tune, however, took me maybe 15 tries before I got the video below. And it STINKS. Oh well, I did learn the tune (not that you can tell from the video). Here it is anyway. Sorry.

Next week, a reel: The Trip to Durrow

2014.10 – The Monaghan Twig

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This week’s tune is a reel called The Monaghan Twig. Enjoy!

Next week’s tune will be a jig: Dr. O’Neill. It has five parts! God help me.

2014.09 – A Fig for a Kiss

And, we’re back on schedule! Yay! This week’s tune is a slip jig called A Fig for a Kiss. It still needs some work, but I have the basics down, at least. I really like playing slip jigs, but unfortunately, only know about 5 of ’em including this one (Barney Brallagan’s, The Fisherman’s a/k/a Redican’s Mother, The Butterfly, and Kid on the Mountain are the other four, if you’re wondering). So if anyone has any suggestions for slip jigs I should learn, lemme have ’em!

Next week’s tune: back to reels with The Monaghan Twig.

2014.08 – The Sligo Maid

Yep, late again. Luckily work will be calming down a bit now so I should be able to get back on track with my videos! This week’s tune is the reel The Sligo Maid. This is another one of those tunes that I sorta kinda learned during the Monday night sessions. In other words, I could half-assedly play along, but didn’t really know the tune well. Here it is…

Next week (really this week – honest, I’m gonna post it on time!), a slip jig: A Fig for a Kiss.

2014.07: The Cameronian Highlander

Sorry week 7 is a few days late. Work’s been taking over my life, so I haven’t had the time or energy to make the video until today. I did learn the tune, tho’! This is the second tune of the set that starts with last week’s tune.

Next week’s tune is a reel, Sligo Maid (aka Psycho Maid at our Monday night session).

2014.06: Her Long Golden Hair

This week’s tune starts a set that you can find on the Mulcahy Family’s album “Notes From the Heart” (which I highly recommend, btw). The first tune in the set, “Her Long Golden Hair” has several other names, most of which deal with some unknown chick’s hair, which may be gold or black and occasionally flows down her back. Check this listing on thesession.org for a list of the alternate names, and you’ll see that I’m not kidding.

But, moving along, here’s my video for this week’s tune, which is a fling and not a hornpipe as previously stated, although the session sez it is. Whatever. I guess you can play it as a hornpipe if that’s what floats yer boat.

Next week: the second tune in the set, “The Cameronian Highlander”.

2014.05: The Atlantic Wave

And now for something completely different – a reel! My tune for the week is The Atlantic Wave, because the cold, dreary weather is starting to get to me, and I can’t wait for some summer beach time. I just need to hold out for four more months until I can see some Atlantic waves in person. Here’s the tune:

For next week (actually for the next two weeks) I’ll be learning a set of hornpipes flings: Her Long Golden Hair and The Cameronian Highlander.

2014.04: The Atholl Highlanders

Yes, it’s a day late, but here’s my tune for the week! I first heard The Atholl Highlanders at a session in Montreal last October. I was lucky enough to grab a recording of it on their last run through. I don’t quite have it yet, but I’m pretty dang close. It’s not super difficult, but it is four parts, and, for me, the second part is a little tricky.

Next week’s tune will be a reel: The Atlantic Wave.

2014.03: Kitty’s Wedding

This week, I FINALLY got around to learning the hornpipe Kitty’s Wedding. Seriously, this has been on my “need to learn” list for at least four or five years. At our local Monday night session, we usually play it with The Home Ruler, which was the very first tune I did when I started this project last year.

Also, in case you’re wondering why I’m playing what appears to be spare plumbing supplies, my good flute’s in the shop with a torn cork. I’m playing my Doug Tipple PVC flute this week. It’s not fancy, but it works well enough.

Next week’s tune will be a tune that my husband and I heard (and I recorded at a session) during our trip to Montreal last October. It’s a jig called The Atholl Highlanders.

2014.02: The Ivory Bowl

This week’s tune is the second part of the set I learned from Kevin Crawford a few months ago. My recording of the first tune in the set can be found here.

Enough blah blah blah. Here’s The Ivory Bowl.