2014.17: The Honeysuckle

Ok, so once again, I’m breaking from my planned tune schedule. I’ll do Pipe On The Hob in a few weeks. For this week, and the next two weeks, I’ll be playing the three tunes I learned (sorta) at this year’s Baltimore Irish Trad Fest. I did the flute workshop with Brian Holleran, who gave us some tips on embouchure, tone, and breathing (which is what I have work on the most, really). This week’s tune is a hornpipe called The Honeysuckle. My tone’s sounding better, but I still gotta work on my breathing. Here it is:

Next week: Hag at the Churn (jig).

2014.03: Kitty’s Wedding

This week, I FINALLY got around to learning the hornpipe Kitty’s Wedding. Seriously, this has been on my “need to learn” list for at least four or five years. At our local Monday night session, we usually play it with The Home Ruler, which was the very first tune I did when I started this project last year.

Also, in case you’re wondering why I’m playing what appears to be spare plumbing supplies, my good flute’s in the shop with a torn cork. I’m playing my Doug Tipple PVC flute this week. It’s not fancy, but it works well enough.

Next week’s tune will be a tune that my husband and I heard (and I recorded at a session) during our trip to Montreal last October. It’s a jig called The Atholl Highlanders.

Week One: The Home Ruler

The Home Ruler is a a tune that I’ve been meaning to learn for at least 3 years. I have a backlog of recordings that I’ve made at various sessions over the years, and The Home Ruler is one of the earliest recordings I have that I never actually got around to learning. The recording I’ve used to finally learn it is from 9/28/2009. It still needs work, but I could prob’ly bust it out at a slow session and keep up with the group (more or less).