Week Twelve: Cup of Tea

Another week brings another reel. This week’s tune is Cup of Tea. I only play it through once because it’s crazy long, especially when played as slowly as I play it. I just couldn’t quite get this tune completely down in a week, but I’ll keep working on it. I’m pretty close, anyway.

Oh, here’s the video:

Week Eleven: Crowley’s Reel

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, folks! I’ve gone back to my ever-growing list of tunes I need to learn for this week’s tune: Crowley’s Reel. For a reference, I used a recording I made at our local Monday night slow(ish) session last October. Enjoy!

Week Seven: The Hare’s Paw

Week seven’s tune… a day late! Hey, I was out of town, and today’s a holiday, so it still counts as the weekend. 🙂

In any case, this week’s tune is a reel called “The Hare’s Paw.” Since I seem to have an unofficial theme going (“Tunes with critters in the title”), I’ll continue it next week with a slip jig called “The Kid on the Mountain.”

Week Four: Sporting Paddy

Once again, I went back through my old session recordings to find another tune that I’ve put off learning for several years. It’s a reel called Sporting Paddy, and the recording I used to learn it is from March 2010. Check it:

Week Two: The Mountain Top

So, this week’s tune is a reel called The Mountain Top. It was fairly easy to pick up and is fun to play. Those who know me know that I get really nervous when performing in front of other people. You’d think that playing to a camera, with nobody standing there staring at me, would be easier. Somehow, it is not. I get the same nerves, the same inability to breathe properly, the same “oh, God, please just let me get through this without totally screwing it up.” I’m hoping that that nervousness will fade over the course of this project. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Ah well, here’s the video. Enjoy the beach towel curtains in our spare room. We keep it classy.